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Public hearings allow affected citizens to provide their views to Council on the adoption of proposed bylaws. Below you will find information regarding how to find out about an upcoming public hearing, public hearing procedures and other forms of public engagement.


Notice of Public Hearings

Upcoming public hearings are communicated to the public in a few ways; on the City’s website and in the newspaper.

City’s Website

Upcoming public hearings are listed on the City’s website via the Public Hearings Calendar. Visit this calendar for the most up-to-date information on upcoming public hearings.

Newspaper (Citylights)

In accordance with the Municipal Government Act, notice must be given in the newspaper prior to a public hearing. The notice must be in at least two consecutive issues of the newspaper, at least 5 days before the public hearing.

The notice must state:

  • The time, date and place of the hearing
  • In general terms, the purpose of the bylaw
  • The land or lands that are the subject of the bylaw
  • The place, time and dates where the bylaw and related materials may be viewed

Public Hearing Registration & Procedures

Submit a Request

If you wish to address Council during a public hearing, you may register to speak one of two ways:

Note: You must register prior to the specified deadline. This deadline will be detailed in the Notice of Public Hearing newspaper advertisement and within the event found on the City’ Public Hearings Calendar.

Speak to Council

  • Participating Virtually
    If participating virtually, you will receive an email with instructions about your participation in the meeting prior to the hearing. This email will include the link you need to join the meeting. On the day of the public hearing, you can watch the meeting live on YouTube. You will not be allowed into the public hearing portion of the meeting until it is your turn to speak. 
  • Participating In Person
    If participating in person, you will not be allowed to speak during the hearing until you are called upon. The Chair of the hearing will call upon any person present to speak in favour or in opposition to any bylaws. At this time you will be able to speak. 
  • Addressing Council Through Written Submission
    If you do not want to speak during the meeting, but still want your voice to be heard, you can send in a written submission. Please be sure to include your name within your submission. Email submissions are due by a specific deadline and must be sent to Notice of Public Hearings occur in newspaper advertisement and within the event found on the City's Public Hearing Calendar. The agenda package can be found on the City’s website. Anyone can watchpublic hearings online through the YouTube live stream. This live stream is also available on the Watch Live Meetings page of the website.
    Please note, written submissions are considered to be public documents. When creating your submission, you may want to take into account the amount of extra personal information you are including in this documentation.
  • Using an Agent
    If you wish to act as an Agent on behalf of others, or if you would like someone to act as your Agent, you must declare your intention to do so and submit the Agent Declaration Form. This form must be submitted to, by the deadline outlined within the Public Hearing Notice.

For further information, please visit the Addressing Council

Other Forms of Public Engagement

We look forward to hearing from you! As such, the City has set up Cultivate the Conversation. This site is a portal with useful input tools that are available in one convenient location and accessible 24/7. The platform is home to a range of open and structured engagement opportunities. On the site, you will find opportunities to engage via discussion forums, polls, surveys and more.

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Last edited: June 7, 2023