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City of St.Albert
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St. Albert Strategic Plan

The St. Albert Council Strategic Plan (2018 to 2021) identifies what Council will focus on during its term of office. The Plan is based on the City’s existing Vision, Mission and Values, including the Pillars of Sustainability. The Plan outlines six key areas of focus and associated Strategic Priorities, presented in no particular order of importance: 

Strategic Priority #1
Growth Policy Framework: Develop a robust policy framework to guide growth

Strategic Priority #2
Economic Development: Enhance business/commercial growth

Strategic Priority #3
Building a Transportation Network: Integrated transportation systems

Strategic Priority #4
Infrastructure Investment: Identify and build needed capital assets

Strategic Priority #5
Housing: Enhance housing options

Strategic Priority #6
Environmental Stewardship: Explore innovative environmental and conservation opportunities 

The City of St. Albert’s Senior Leadership Team has also developed a Corporate Business Plan (2018 to 2021), which outlines how Administration plans to operationalize the Council Strategic Plan and support the Council Priorities.

Review the complete plans below:

Council Strategic Plan (2018 to 2021)

Corporate Business Plan (2018 to 2021)

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