Published on May 17, 2021

14 Going on Mental Health Hero

Reilly Camp-Jensen is nothing short of amazing. At the age of 14-years-old, she set up an online group to support her peers with the situations they are facing. The group helps those who are experiencing challenges on numerous issues that impact their mental health. 

Reilly has been described by her parents as an old soul. Elaine Jensen, Reilly’s mother, says, “Reilly has an incredible way of looking at the world for a person who is so young. She is gifted with great insight, but also has a deeply developed level of compassion for others.” Reilly has also taken the initiative to moderate the online group she created. 

She has actively researched resources that would support the members if they were in a crisis. This shows Reilly’s maturity at a young age as she assumed a leadership role when she saw a need among students in her community. There is no question that she has made a huge difference to her peers’ mental health by creating a forum for students who are experiencing tough issues and need someone to understand what they are going through. The online group has created a lasting impact for youth to talk about their problems. 

Elaine adds, “[Reilly is] the kind of friend everyone would wish for. She is loyal, engaged, funny and insightful, but also goofy. Reilly also takes time each day to find out how her family members are doing. She checks in with such a caring demeanor that even if someone had been feeling low, they immediately feel supported.” 

Reilly’s dedication to improve the lives of her peers and family members has helped empower individuals to get the support that they need. Reilly is a Mental Health Hero.

Story drafted with permission from Reilly Camp-Jensen and Elaine Jensen, and content from nominator Elaine Jensen.

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Last edited: May 20, 2021