Published on August 31, 2022

Advancing the City’s Strategic Priorities

On August 29, 2022 the City’s 2022-25 Corporate Business Plan was presented to Council. This four-year plan clearly articulates activities required to achieve the strategies outlined in Council’s Strategic Plan and enhances organizational excellence. 

Council’s Five Strategic Priorities

Taking into consideration what they heard from residents, Council identified five strategic priorities and related strategies. In no order as they are all equally important, Council’s priority areas for the next four years are: economic prosperity, vibrant downtown, community well-being, adapting to a changing environment and financial sustainability. Learn more about these priorities by viewing the 2022-25 Strategic Plan

Administration’s Priority Areas

Once the Council has identified its strategic direction and determined its strategic priorities, it is the role of the Administration to plan and implement activities which will ensure that the priorities are achieved. The Corporate Business Plan outlines the activities planned by Administration to meet Council’s expectations.

Additionally, organizational excellence priorities are included in the Plan. These priorities help the City mature and advance the organization to ensure a strong foundation for the sustainable and efficient delivery of services to community. Specific initiatives are planned to achieve strategies outlined within the five focus areas: our people – our team, planning and prioritizing, digital transformation, operational performance and customers/residents.  

The Corporate Business Plan is both exciting and challenging, balancing maintaining the high standards expected for delivery of existing services and programs with financial realities and forward-thinking activities. This balance will help the City advance service delivery and continue to build a stronger organizational foundation, so St. Albert is positioned for a successful and sustainable future. 

Note: The plan will be updated to incorporate new information as we move forward with our work.

Learn more about the 2022-25 Corporate Business Plan

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