Published on September 4, 2019

Amendments to the Smoking Bylaw


Consultation with residents and stakeholders told us they support further restrictions proposed for smoking and vaping in public places. As a result, St. Albert City Council passed amendments to Smoking Bylaw 1/2004 at the City Council Meeting on September 3, 2019.

Who did we consult with?

Person completing survey on tabletPrior to these amendments coming to Council, City Administration consulted with the school boards, the Community Services Advisory Committee, the Youth Advisory Committee, the Seniors Advisory Committee, the Environmental Advisory Committee, St. Albert & District Chamber of Commerce and Homeland Housing.

Earlier in the year, the City also received feedback from over 2,100 residents and stakeholders to gather their opinions and preferences related to smoking tobacco in public. An online survey and onsite surveys were held from March 11 to April 1, 2019.

All feedback was incorporated into and/or considered when drafting these amendments.

What changes?

The main amendments to the Smoking Bylaw, which are now in effect, are:

  • References to marijuana have been changed to cannabis to align with the modern terminology; 
  • An exemption for traditional pipe ceremonies has been added, which includes the addition of a new definition for a traditional pipe ceremony;
  • The definition of smoking has been updated to align with provincial definitions and to capture both smoking and vaping;
  • Smoking and vaping have been banned in parks and on trails within parks, which was achieved with the addition of a new, broad definition for park; and
  • The setback distance from non-residential doorways has been changed from five metres to 10 metres, while leaving the current setback distance of five metres from windows and air intakes intact.

Consultation on the Smoking Bylaw arose as a result of the legalization of cannabis and discussions regarding potential alignment with the 2018 Cannabis Consumption Bylaw.

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