Published on September 15, 2020

Apps, and Maps, and Dashboards, Oh my!

The City of St. Albert uses many tools to help manage its operations. One of those tools is Esri, a cloud-based application that allows the City to create apps, maps, and dashboards to collect, display, and analyse information. The tool is used in a variety of departments to share information both internally and with the community. 

This year, City work was recognized at the Esri Plenary session for an internal dashboard. The plenary session brings together more than 85,000 registered attendees globally. The highlighted internal dashboard helps the City monitor its utilities operations and displays essential information about the City’s underground infrastructure so that the City’s lean utilities team can best respond to emergent infrastructure issues.

So, what else has the City used Esri for? 

As mentioned, many areas of the City use Esri to help collect, display and analyse information. Whether it’s finding the location of all the public art in the City, or looking for the nearest Little Free Library, the City has an app built in Esri that has you covered. Additionally, the City launched an Open Data portal that allows spatial and other types of data to be shared and used publicly—the possibilities are endless!

With more and more opportunities to collect and share information, and ultimately make more informed decisions, tools like Esri create a solid foundation for innovation and creativity. 

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Last edited: September 15, 2020