Published on June 12, 2024

Time to Tune Up Your Bike and Safety Skills This Month!

Cycling is a fun, healthy activity and environmentally-friendly way to travel. During Bike Month, we want to remind people about the importance of bike safety and maintenance.

Here are some safety tips to make sure you and your bike are ready to ride.

  • Gear Up
    Wearing a helmet that fits properly is important for protection– and it’s required by law for all riders in St. Albert including Adults. A bike bell or horn is required in Alberta and will help others know when you are passing. Wearing bright clothes, using reflective tape and bike lights will make you more visible.
  • Learn the Rules of the Road
    Take time to learn the rules of the road and how to use hand signals. Cyclists are required to dismount and walk their bike across the street or crosswalk. Bike Safety training is a great way to learn all the best practices for the road and bike trails. Remember to teach children these rules and remind them often.
  • Do the ABC’s
    Quick processes like an ABC check can also improve safety.
    • (A)ir – verify you have firm tires that are ready to ride
    • (B)rakes – verify that your brakes are working and responsive 
    • (C)hain – ensure that your bike chain is secure, tight and gliding well
  • Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
    Keep an eye out for debris, holes and grates on the ground that are hazards for unexpected swerving and crashing. Rainy, wet weather can cause slippery roads and cyclists should extra caution. Before you switch lanes, turn or pass a cyclist, make sure you perform a shoulder check and use hand signals.

To celebrate bike month and to promote sustainable transportation choices, the City is offering FREE bicycle tune-ups for residents on June 12 & 20. These popular events fill up fast so reserve your spot today! 

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Last edited: June 12, 2024