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Bike Safety Starts With You!

As a kid, the only time I felt absolute freedom was when I was on my bike. Pedalling up and down the streets with my friends, laughing our heads off; we would go everywhere!   

Now, years later, I still feel that same sense of freedom when I hop on my bike. But I also know that there’s a huge responsibility for knowing the rules of the road – and watching out for yourself and others.

May, June and July are Cyclist Safety Months, and the perfect time to refresh your bicycle safety knowledge.

Using a Crosswalk = Dismount your bike!

Pedestrian crossings mean you become the pedestrian. You’re no longer considered a pedestrian if you are on a bike. When you approach a crosswalk, you are required to dismount your bike fully and walk it across the street. It’s the law!

Wear a Helmet!

In St. Albert, it’s the law that ALL bicycle riders must wear helmets, regardless of age. The law applies to both riders and passengers, including children in bicycle trailers.

Riding on Sidewalks & Trails

In St. Albert, bikes are allowed on sidewalks and trails, but you must share the path with others! Watch for pedestrians, entrances and exits to driveways and parking lots. Always ride defensively to avoid collisions with pedestrians and vehicles!

Wear Bright Clothing and Use Hand Signals

Wear reflective gear and bright clothing to help drivers see you. Use hand signals to tell other road users your intentions! This may save you from being involved in a collision. It’s everyone’s responsibility to be aware and drive with care!

Left arm out and hand up – Turn RightLeft arm straight out – Turn LeftLeft arm out and hand down - Stop

To see the rules for bicyclists in St. Albert, click on St. Albert Traffic Bylaw and review Part 4 – Rules for Pedestrians and Bicyclists. 

For more information on bike safety, how to check your bike regularly and fitting a child to a bike, visit

Last edited: July 23, 2018

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