Published on August 26, 2019

Block Party Season is Wrapping Up

The end of the official Block Party season in St. Albert is quickly approaching!

While the weather has not been ideal this summer, the longer evenings provide the perfect opportunity to get outside and meet your neighbours. If you have not hosted an event yet, don’t fret; there is still time to take advantage of the season and enjoy an afternoon or evening building connections in your neighbourhood. The City has several resources to help make your party a success, including FREE FOOD, recreation equipment to borrow, and ideas for games and activities for people of all ages.

Person drawing with chalk on pavement

Person barbecuing

TIP: If you plan to host your party on the street, you will need permission from the City to block your road from traffic. This form needs to be submitted 10 days before your party.

To learn more about how to register your party, block your street and more, go to our Block Party resource page.

Earlier in the spring, six streets in St. Albert were recognized for hosting a block party on their street every year for the last 10 years in a row! The City would like to thank these streets for playing an active role in building our communities, making the effort to get to know your neighbours and being welcoming and inclusive.

Block Party sign with block party in the background

Block Party sign

Congratulations to the following streets on their 10 Year Block Party streaks:

  • Durocher Street
  • Ironwood Drive
  • Kenilworth Crescent
  • Kingsmoor Close
  • Kingswood Boulevard
  • Orlando Drive

Communities within the City have already hosted 115 block parties this summer, with another 20 to go before the season ends. Don’t miss the chance to host yours!

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