Published on May 6, 2020

Councillor Wes Brodhead: Deputy Mayor March – April 2020

I have had a long-time interest and passion for serving my community through pillars of church boards, industrial associations, and coaching my kids’ sports teams when they were younger. I learned early on that a collaborative spirit with both local and regional partners fosters best efforts and I have brought this ideology to how I have worked for the greater good of St. Albert residents and for my family.

I am so proud to be a resident of St. Albert because I sincerely believe that it is the actions of our neighbours that make our City an award-winning place to live. This is something I am honoured to be a part of serving as a Councillor and being a community member.

Councillor Brodhead outside City Hall on Red Willow Trail

Councillor Brodhead at Lions Park

I have been blessed with putting down roots in St. Albert with my family - my wife, Marilyn, and I having been married for over 35 years and creating a lifetime of memories with our two now grown and married children. I have written the next chapter of my story by being able to experience being a husband, father, and a brand-new grandfather... for the fifth time.

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