Published on May 21, 2021

Business Research Moves Online

With the whole world shifting online, the way investors, developers and potential businesses learn about what St. Albert has to offer has changed too.  

The newly launched Business Intelligence Tools take the use of open data and provide up-to-date trackers for industry trends on everything from employment numbers, land use, competitor insights and available real estate. Previously, much of this information was only available by request. Now that data is available online anytime, anywhere. However, for those business owners who prefer a personalized touch, tailored information and data can still be requested by contacting or calling 780-459-1631.   

“These tools provide local market data to current and new businesses looking to invest, locate or expand their business in St. Albert,” says Mike Erickson, Acting Director of Economic Development. “This truly speaks to the modernization of the City, and how we’re using open data and sharing information.” 

Map with different areas highlightedInterested parties can go to the City’s website and check out the 10 different types of tools depending on their needs.  

For example, the “Growth & Opportunities” tool allows users to explore and analyze growth, development and major projects taking place in St. Albert. It provides colour coding to distinguish among major projects, residential development, mixed-use development, industrial development and commercial development.  

“It’s a great visual of projects that are proposed, under construction or recently complete,” adds Mike. “It breaks down areas that are designated for development or growth by sector and really gives a one map ‘snap shot’ to someone wanting to see where growth and development is happening.” 

However, the tools are not just for those with a business focus. Anyone is welcome to check out the Business Intelligence Tools and explore areas like traffic counts on St. Albert Trail or learn where community facilities are located. City staff are also using the tools in some of their daily tasks as well.

View the Business Intelligence Tools

To learn more about additional business resources and supports provided, visit the Economic Development page today.

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Last edited: May 26, 2021