Published on November 10, 2021

Have Your Say in the City’s Community Satisfaction Survey

What programs and services are important to you? How should they be delivered? To what extent? Which tax strategies should the City consider? These are important questions and the City of St. Albert wants to hear directly from residents. 

From November 1 to 30, 2021, residents can complete the City’s Community Satisfaction Survey, which is conducted every two years. The information gathered through the survey will inform the City’s plans moving forward.

“The survey results will be used to identify those programs and services most valued by the community and can help inform future Council decisions,” says Cindy de Bruijn, Senior Manager of Community Relations. 

The City has hired Pivotal Research to randomly contact residents and invite them to take part. This approach will give the City statistically representative results, which can be extrapolated to accurately represent the will of the entire population of St. Albert. 

The City also wants to ensure that every resident has a chance to share their thoughts. A copy of the survey will be open to all residents to complete through the City’s online Cultivate the Conversation platform. Although the results won’t be statistically representative, they give everyone in the city the chance to have their say.

The survey findings, both those gathered by Pivotal Research and via Cultivate the Conversation, will be reviewed and considered by Council and Administration to help inform recommendations and future decision-making. 

“It is vital for us to hear from as many residents as possible, so that we can make the best possible recommendations for the St. Albert community,” adds de Bruijn. 

In February 2022, Council will meet to develop their Strategic Plan, which outlines their key priorities over their four-year term. The general results from the Community Satisfaction Survey will be shared with Council to assist them in their strategic planning session. The full survey findings will take a little longer to process, and these will be shared with Council at a public meeting later in March of 2022.

For more information on past survey results, visit the Satisfaction Surveys web page.

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Last edited: November 26, 2021