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Collective Promise

Walking in the downtown St. Albert district, you may have noticed a new storefront space pop up on St. Thomas Street. Yes, it has some great shopping, but The Collective is more than what you see on the surface. Inside the doors, you’ll find a shared space that holds a new concept of collaboration, mentorship and services to support St. Albert’s young people. 

At The Collective, young adults can find support and mentorship to see their business ideas become reality. For those with entrepreneur as part of their DNA, it gives them a forum to see what it takes to grow a business and put it to the test in a retail setting. Partnering with established retailers as great examples, young business people also have access to City of St. Albert staff as resources to nurture and guide their efforts. Young artists and craftspeople fill the space today, eager to share with you their enthusiasm and unique, hand-crafted creations.

There is a boardroom space that can be used as a community gathering place or business incubator, and great support services accessible to young people. Simply needing some extra help with homework, a supportive ear to listen and advocate when life seems a little overwhelming, or a mentor to help come up with an awesome business plan, The Collective is truly a space for young people to blossom in a community of collaboration and care.

Building a strong, positive foundation in which young adults can create their own destiny and thrive is the driving force behind The Collective.

Come in and discover what St. Albert youth have to offer!

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Last edited: August 17, 2017

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