Published on December 21, 2022

That’s a Wrap on 2022 Construction

Construction season is one of those unavoidable things - like snowfall in winter. 

It’s an integral part of the City’s work so that we can all continue to enjoy our favourite facilities for years to come, improve access in St. Albert’s parks and roadways and address the needs of a growing community. 

As construction season has wrapped for 2022, let’s take a look back at some of the projects the City worked on this past year. 

Fountain Park Recreation Centre Major Lifecycle Work

Timeline: May 15, 2022 to Summer 2023
Status: 50 per cent complete

Fountain Park Recreation Centre is currently undergoing major lifecycle upgrades, including an extended shutdown of the entire facility. The facility, which was built in 1978 and turned 44-years-old in 2022, requires major necessary lifecycle repairs and replacement work to address building operating systems which have reached the end of their lifespan.

Work that’s currently in progress/complete includes:

  • Replacing the facility’s primary Air Handling System, which had a lifespan of 40 years. 
  • Updating equipment and infrastructure, including new energy-efficient systems that will provide energy savings, reduce future operating costs and extend the life of the facility. This includes heat recovery, water savings, heat savings and exterior window glazing.
  • Painting the pool area ceiling, repairing the interior structure, upgrading the building envelope and upgrading the fire alarm and security systems.
  • Tile replacement
  • Accessibility upgrades

This investment in the refurbishment of this facility will inject renewed life into Fountain Park Recreation Centre and extend its lifespan; at a cost that is a fraction compared to a decommission and new facility build. Once this refurbishment is complete, we look forward to welcoming the community back to a revitalized facility, both aesthetically and operationally.

Check out the video below for a recent fly through showcasing project work completed to the end of November 2022. 

Fire Hall #1 Construction

Timeline: October 2020 to March 2022
Status: Complete

As St. Albert grows, so do our infrastructure needs. In March 2022, the new Fire Hall #1 opened its doors as it replaced the aging structure at 18 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue. Located at 20 Gate Avenue, the new location features a two-storey fire hall with four double-deep bays for fire apparatus and ambulances, accommodations for firefighters and paramedics and an expansive Emergency Operations Center. This new building supports the dedicated team with St. Albert Fire Services in continuing to respond quickly and effectively in emergency situations.

Check out the video below, to watch the Grand Opening Ceremony:

Ray Gibbon Drive – Phase 2 

Timeline: Summer 2021 to Fall 2023
Status: 90 per cent complete 

Is Ray Gibbon Drive part of your daily commute? This year you may have noticed some major work taking place from north of LeClair Way to north of McKenney Avenue. Phase 2 of this twinning project is set for completion this fall in 2023, while work in 2022 focused on:

  • Construction of the southbound bridge.
  • Sidewalk installation on the south side of McKenney Avenue from Ray Gibbon Drive to Rose Gate.
  • Asphalt trail installation on the east side of Ray Gibbon Drive from the bridge to McKenney Avenue. 
  • Twinning southbound lanes of Ray Gibbon Drive north of the McKenney Avenue intersection to north of LeClair Way (Phase 2 tie-in) limits.

Commuters can expect to see curb and gutter completion on McKenney Avenue westbound, trail construction on the north side of McKenney Avenue and overall site landscaping and final paving work in 2023.

Want a bird’s eye view of the project? The video below captures the work completed to the end of the 2022 construction season.

Grey Nuns White Spruce Park

Timeline: Summer 2021 to November 2022
Status: 98 per cent complete 

The Grey Nuns White Spruce Park (GNWSP) is an ecologically and historically significant area located just east of Ray Gibbon Drive. This designated Municipal Historic Resource is the home of many trees that are well over 100 years old, and a habitat for a variety of birds, mammals, plants, and amphibians.

In 2022, the City of St. Albert constructed new amenities within the GNWSP that commit to protecting the park and forest for the long-term and maintaining accessibility for everyone to explore, gather and learn more about this unique natural area. 

New amenities include: 

  • Outdoor classrooms
  • Viewpoints
  • Natural play area
  • Wetland and river lookouts
  • Picnic area and shelter
  • Bike racks and benches
  • Landscaping with tree and shrub planting

Additionally, over 2,000 white spruce seedlings were planted during construction across four different locations in and around the forest! 

St. Albert Trail North – Phase 1 and 2

Timeline: 2020 to 2023
Status: Ongoing 

The City looks forward to putting the finishing touches on Phase 1 and 2 of this project in 2023. Work in 2022 focused on the following: 

  • Installation of an underground minor storm system, concrete curb and gutter and re-paving the northbound lanes between Coal Mine Rd. to Everitt Drive North. 
  • Construction of new multi-use trail from Villeneuve Road to Coal Mine Road, and from Coal Mine Road to Everitt Drive North (on the east side of St. Albert Trail).
  • Intersection improvements of the Villeneuve Road commercial access, St. Albert Trail at Villeneuve Road / Erin Ridge Road and St. Albert Trail at Everitt Drive North.
  • Landscaping from north of Boudreau Road to north of Coal Mine Road.

Want to see the progress so far? The video below starts an aerial flyover along St. Albert Trail between north of Everitt Drive N to north of Coal Mine Road. 

Riparian Restoration Project

Timeline: August to October 2022 
Status: Complete

This fall, the Riparian Restoration Project concluded on the south bank of the Sturgeon River in Riel Business Park and Red Willow Park. A large portion of the riparian zone within the City floodplain here had been impacted by past agricultural and urban development activities, causing increased flood risk, erosion, weed growth and bank destabilization.
To restore this area, work included the following:

  • Site re-grading to increase water storage and reduce flooding outside the floodplain.
  • Planting of over 100 native riparian trees and shrubs and a variety of grasses to enhance the river valley and mitigate the risks caused by previous urban development activities. 
  • Removal of five to 10 non-native trees as they will not survive once the project is complete. The area will be periodically flooded with water as it is naturally within the floodplain of the river.

Universally Accessible Washroom at St. Albert Place

Timeline: June to November 2022 
Status: Complete

In November 2022, the new universally accessible washroom on the main floor of St. Albert Place opened for public use.

This new multi-purpose, accessible washroom area includes an automatic door operator and space to accommodate caregiving needs, including an adjustable electronic adult change table. Inclusive washroom spaces are available for everyone to use.

Villeneuve Road – Phase 1A 

Timeline: 2022 to 2023
Status: Ongoing

In 2022, work focused on Phase 1A on this multi-year project which is set to deliver intersection and access improvements to St. Albert communities in Jensen Lakes, Deer Ridge, North Ridge and City Badger lands and urbanize the cross-section of Villeneuve Road with additional work to deliver a new multi-use trail, when all phases are complete. 

At the end of the 2022 construction season, this project status is as follows:

  • Completion of the new roundabout at Villeneuve Road at Dennison Drive.
  • Temporary streetlighting is complete, and work associated with permanent street lighting and landscaping will be performed in 2023.

Villeneuve Road Phases 1A, 1B and 2A are anticipated for completion by the end of 2023.

Villeneuve Road Roundabout

Fountain Park Outdoor Playground

Timeline: August 2022 to October 2022
Status: Complete

Designed for ages 18 months to 12 years, the upgraded playground at Fountain Park (located at 6 Cunningham Road) became the City’s first accessible and inclusive outdoor playground this fall. 

The playground features elements that are developmentally appropriate for children with and without disabilities and are thoughtfully designed to provide a safe and fun place where children of all abilities can play together.

A permanent asphalt path connection to the playground will be completed in 2023. A temporary gravel path has been installed for an interim connection.

The City is looking forwarding to showcasing the playground during the grand reopening of Fountain Park Recreation Centre in 2023. 

Decommission of Former Fire Hall #1

Timeline: August 2022 to October 2022
Status: Complete

With the completion of the new Fire Hall 1 (20 Gate Avenue), the former Fire Hall 1 building (18 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue) was no longer in use.

The building, which was originally built in 1962, was decommissioned and demolished to prepare the land for future use.   

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