Published on December 17, 2019

Conversion Therapy Not Allowed in St. Albert

St. Albert City Council has passed a bylaw that ensures any business engaging in conversion therapy will not be allowed within the boundaries of St. Albert. This bylaw also ensures that any advertising that promotes conversion therapy for minors will also not be allowed by anyone who resides or operates a business in St. Albert.

The St. Albert Conversion Therapy Prohibition Bylaw 44/2019 was passed unanimously by Council at the December 16, 2019 Council Meeting. St. Albert has taken a leadership role in prohibiting conversion therapy and was the first municipality in Alberta to make a motion to ban it in the community.

The new bylaw: 

  • Prohibits all conversion therapy businesses in the City, which includes businesses undertaken for profit or not; 
  • Prohibits the advertising of conversion therapy for minors; and
  • Sets a fine of $10,000 for any contravention of the bylaw. 

St. Albert is a Welcoming & Inclusive Community

St. Albert City Council’s stand against conversion therapy further supports the City’s Diversity and Inclusion Declaration, which was passed in June 2018.

The City of St. Albert believes in the advancement of a fair and equitable society that promotes respect for all citizens, strengthens the community, reduces causes of disadvantage and inequality and ensures that all citizens in St. Albert thrive and enjoy the best quality of life possible. 

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Last edited: December 17, 2019