Published on November 23, 2021

Cultivate Care in Your Community This Holiday Season

While the holiday season is celebrated differently by everyone, a common thread that seems to exist is the spirit of giving and helping others. Difficult times have a way of bringing communities together. St. Albert is fortunate in that many residents have internalized this culture of care and are happy to lend a hand to those who need it most during the holiday season.

For those who are looking to give, there is no shortage of people who could use a bit of extra support this year. Whether it be a struggling neighbour or a newcomer to Canada, any sort of help can go a long way this season. Throughout the year, the City works closely with local organizations to help support our most vulnerable people. We connect with agencies who are committed to serving St. Albertans every day and we work with them to ensure all residents have access to the supports and services they need.

During the holiday season, that need does not disappear, if anything it grows. Because we know the nature of our community, we know people are looking for meaningful ways to support each other and to build a safety net around those who need it most. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing details on our 2021 Cultivating Care campaign. This initiative will act as a resource for St. Albertans looking to give back this holiday season. It will be built for community, by community and will be a tool that we can all use to learn more about the needs of our community and how we can help.

Over the coming weeks, stay tuned to the City’s social media accounts to learn more about how you can cultivate care and kindness in your community and continue to lift up those in need over the holiday season and beyond.

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Last edited: November 26, 2021