Published on February 9, 2021

Cultural Services Showcases Report Card

The City of St. Albert prepares reports on long-term plans such as Master Plans annually. In 2020 (for the 2019 reporting year), the City revisited how it reports to the community and focused on creating concise reports directly aligned back to those plans. The result is a group of streamlined report cards that clearly communicate impact and achievements with data and links to additional information. To date, three report cards have been produced. 

Over the past few weeks, the City highlighted each department report card. The last one in the series of three is on Cultural Services. 

Please read below for highlights and view the report card

It is clear that arts and culture bring a sense of community and richness for residents of St. Albert. In 2019, the City hosted several events and festivals, including the 10th Anniversary of the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts. There were 45 nominees for seven awards at the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Awards and 251 attendees. The Amplify Youth Festival had a successful year with high engagement through attendance (2,016) and digital engagement with the Amplify Film Project (14 Artists, 6,032 YouTube Views, 69 per cent increase over 2018). The Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival remained the City’s largest signature cultural event with 38,845 attendees.

The St. Albert Children's Theatre is committed to creative approaches in performing arts programming. The classes were expanded to reach a variety of age categories (babies, youth, adult classes) through multidisciplinary classes (tap, improv, home school program, tech camp). This was a strong year for arts programming aimed at youth. The St. Albert Children’s Theatre performed at the Sterling Awards Gala and several actors were hand-picked to star in an award-winning ‘Fun Home’ production in Edmonton.

The Arden Theatre is a hub of cultural activity that successfully increased attendance, concession sales and programming. The Arden Theatre had 102,711 people attend 280 performances in 2019. The concession at the Arden Theatre increased total sales to over $100,000, a 33 per cent increase over 2018.

The City secured grants from key funding partners, which demonstrated alignment with broader cultural industry organizations and priorities. The funding was received from the Federal Cultural Spaces Fund, the Community Facility Enhancement Program and additional funding were secured through Canada Arts Presentation Fund. Community partners also increased their programming, reducing the reliance on City-led programming.

The City actively collects visual artworks, and in 2019 there was an acquisition of new public art pieces, notably: Bird Has the Ways (Art Gallery Project), Canada 150 Mural Mosaic, Masks for Giants and Orange Lichen Rock.

There were 85,376 visitors to arts & heritage facilities throughout 2019. One significant development involved the renovation of the Art Gallery of St. Albert to improve building functionality and accessibility. The project was supported by the City in collaboration with the Department of Canadian Heritage and Employment and Social Development Canada. 

Overall the results of the 2019 Cultural Services Report Card indicate that residents of St. Albert feel arts and culture activities are important in contributing to the quality of life in their community.

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Last edited: February 10, 2021