Published on June 28, 2022

Ditch the Bag this Summer for a Healthier Lawn

Ever heard of grasscycling?

Ditching the bag on your lawn mower and leaving your grass clippings on the lawn is a simple way to save money, time and the environment.

“Grasscycling is as easy as mow and go! Remove the bag from your mower and leave the clippings on the lawn,” says Katie Burd, Waste & Diversion Operations Supervisor. “We are encouraging our residents to ‘ditch the bag’ to save themselves time and money, keep their lawn looking beautiful and reduce their environmental footprint. Go out and take full advantage of your summer.”

To really get your lawn looking its best, it’s also suggested to:

  • Mow high by cutting the grass to 1/3 the length of the grade blades
  • Mow every 4-5 days during the growing season and about once a week in the shoulder season
  • Mow when the grass is dry so grass doesn’t clump together
  • Mow with a sharp blade as grass recovers quickly when cut cleanly

Family playing with a dog in a freshly mowed yard

Person proudly leaning on mower after mowing grass

Save Money

“You’ll keep your money in your pocket because grass clippings left on the lawn are rich in nutrients, which helps them act as natural fertilizer. This means no more trips to your favourite home improvement store stocking up on fertilizer or paper yard waste bags,” she adds.

Additionally, keeping your grass blades high will slow the evaporation of water from your lawn meaning you spend less on water!”

Save Time

Grasscycling means no longer having to scoop up grass clippings to place in your Green Organics Cart or paper yard-waste bags to take to the Compost Depot. Just mow and move on with your day.

Save the Environment

Did you know up to 75 per cent of your Green Organics Cart could be filled with grass clippings each week this summer if you don’t ditch the bag?

“We can all take steps to help make our world a greener place. By ditching the bag, residents have more room in their Green Organics Cart for food scraps and are actively reducing the greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting grass clippings to the depot or compost pad,” says Katie.

Help Spread the Word!

Show off your healthy lawn and let your neighbours in on your secret by requesting and displaying a FREE grasscycling lawn sign today.

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Last edited: June 29, 2022