Published on August 3, 2022

E-Scooter Pilot Program

Have you tried out the new transportation option in the City of St. Albert yet? The E-Scooter Pilot Program kicked off in August 2021 to determine the viability of e-scooter sharing within the City. Shared e-scooters have recently been adopted by other municipalities as they provide a more eco-friendly and convenient way to travel.

2022 Pilot Program Modifications

After a six-month winter hiatus, the pilot resumed with e-scooters returning to the streets in May of 2022. City Council approved the following modifications to the pilot for the 2022 season:

  • A limit of five e-scooter companies can operate in St. Albert, each with a maximum of 60 deployed e-scooters;
  • Upon receiving notice of a mis-parked or abandoned e-scooter (i.e., an e-scooter that has been idle for at least 48 hours), e-scooter companies must remedy the issue within two hours of receiving notice;
  • Virtual designated and restricted parking areas are to be implemented through “geo-fencing” via the e-scooter company apps.

For the 2022 season, the City has contracted a 3rd party mobility-management software platform to manage the pilot program and streamline program regulations/compliance. The software allows for geographic monitoring/reporting of e-scooters, and has enabled the City to do the following:

  • Access a GPS map of deployed e-scooters, with data including the amount of time e-scooters have been idle as well as battery levels;
  • Obtain key metrics, including total number of e-scooter trips, average trip distance and trip time, frequent parking areas, etc.;
  • Gain an understanding of how residents are using e-scooters, including data concerning which days/hours of the week e-scooters are being used, the frequency of e-scooter usage on specific routes/general geographic areas, etc.
  • Implement and monitor regulatory policies, including a 48-hour e-scooter idle-limit, designated/restricted parking areas, etc.

Virtual designated parking areas were identified and created for ten areas with high concentrations of e-scooter parking. The City also implemented special-event restricted parking policies, restricting e-scooter usage in special event areas during Canada Day celebrations, and usage in areas designated for the St. Albert Famer’s Market each Saturday.

Where Are E-Scooters Being Used? 

During the first month of the 2022 season from May 20 to June 20, there were a collective 4,376 total e-scooter trips. This equates to 9000+ kilometers collectively travelled or 1,250 hours (52 days) spent riding! The average distance travelled per trip was 2.77 kilometers and the average ride time was 22 minutes, 41 seconds. 

E-scooters are used most often on weekends with an average of over 200 trips each weekend throughout the summer. Data suggests users are primarily travelling either within commercial areas or from commercial areas to residential areas. Downtown St. Albert is the area with the highest levels of e-scooter activity, with over 23% of all e-scooter trips starting and 17% of all trips ending in Downtown.

Join the Conversation on E-Scooters!

The City is looking for feedback from residents on the E-Scooter Pilot Program, including pros/cons of shared e-scooters, any identifiable issues or problems, positive or negative stories and ideas or feedback on how shared e-scooters should be regulated. The Pilot Program will run and be open for feedback until October 31. 

Evaluation will include considerations related to public safety, public impact, market demand, and financial and operational impacts on the City. Council will be reviewing the possibility of making e-scooters a permanent fixture in our community and public engagement is an integral component of the decision-making process.

To provide feedback, please visit the dedicated Cultivate the Conversation feedback page.

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