Published on March 3, 2020

A Side of Economic Development With Your Coffee?

On a Saturday morning while sipping on your coffee at home, have you ever thought about St. Albert’s economic development? Likely not, and that’s OK, but let me open your eyes to the everyday aspects of economic development in your life. If you take that morning coffee to-go and drive to Costco for groceries or to the theatre for a matinee movie, those locations exist due to development opportunity. St. Albert’s economic development is all around you – it’s the mall you frequent, the restaurants where you choose to eat, the yoga studio you attend.

The City of St. Albert and its Economic Development department works to create a vibrant city for residents to call home. “All the interesting retail in the north side of the city like PetSmart, Old Navy, Browns and Canadian Brewhouse is commercial development,” says Sean McRitchie, Economic Development director for the City of St. Albert. He adds, “Attractions such as the Dig In Festival and Restaurant Week are initiatives driven by economic development.”

Behind the scenes at the Dig In Festival

Landmark Cinemas

So why is this important? Growth. Growth is a holistic plan for the city where there is a healthy ratio of development in the residential and non-residential sectors – non-residential includes commercial and industrial developments. 

Sean says, “It’s a priority for the City to attract investment to St. Albert to create local employment opportunities for residents to live and grow their careers here instead of commuting to other municipalities.” He adds, “We also strive to find and source investment from developers with aligned views and values as the St. Albert community.”

St. Albert is literally and figuratively pushing the boundaries when it comes to building a unique city for residents to live, play and learn. Are you in?

St. Albert community members participating in the Fairy Garden Workshop

A group of attendees at the Beef and Brews session

Want to know the latest in St. Albert economic development?

  • Attend the Business Breakfast on Tuesday, March 17 from 6:45 a.m. to 9 a.m. For tickets, visit St. Albert Business Breakfast.
  • Subscribe to the City’s Focus on Business monthly newsletter.
  • Apply to be a board member for the Economic Sustainability Advisory Board where residents and business owners report to the City of St. Albert’s Chief Administration Officer and the City’s Economic Development director. Submission open May 2020 in the Boards and Committees section.

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Last edited: March 3, 2020