Published on January 26, 2021

Emerald Award Winner

In June of 2020, the City of St. Albert received an Emerald Award for being the first Canadian Municipality to purchase Long Range Electric Buses. In 2020 fashion, the award was presented in an online celebration. There is a total of seven long-range electric buses that have travelled over 600,000 kilometers. The electric bus fleet is one part of achieving the city’s long-range environmental goals.

In the spring of 2017, the first three buses were acquired and four more were placed into service in the summer of 2018. The seven electric buses assist in decreasing the overall emissions from the St. Albert Transit system. Even though electricity produced in Alberta is primarily from coal, operating electric buses reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 51%, as compared to diesel buses.

By November 2017, 753 solar panels were installed and operating on the roof of the transit building (Liggett Place). This was another step, or rather, giant leap to help reduce the carbon footprint produced by the City of St. Albert. 

The daily solar energy produced not only powers the electric bus chargers and building electricity requirements, during lower power demand the remaining electricity flows to the power grid and provides the City with a regen credit. 

Presently our diesel bus lifecycle is 18 years. The City of St. Albert’s operation of electric buses and solar panels not only reduces emissions but also reduces our energy costs and has potential to further assist in reducing fleet maintenance costs. 

To date our solar panels have produced 735 megawatts of electricity, with a further reduction of our CO2 emissions by 287,525 kg.

The initiative to pilot and then move forward with electric buses was brought forward by City Council and the results will be long lasting for the community of St. Albert.

What is an Emerald Award?

For the past 30 years, the Emerald Awards have showcased and inspired the environmental achievements of large and small businesses, individuals, not-for-profit associations, community groups, youth, and governments across Alberta.

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Emerald Documentary Series:
City of St. Albert’s First Canadian Long-Range Electric Buses 

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Last edited: January 27, 2021