Published on November 3, 2020

City Launches New Online Engagement Platform

It’s time to cultivate the conversation!

Engagement within communities is an important part of democracy and the very fabric of civil society. Engagement encourages participation, action and personal responsibility. 

It is recognized that not everyone can attend an open house or meeting to share their opinions. As such, to promote engagement, the City of St. Albert has launched a new online public engagement tool – Cultivate the Conversation. The new tool provides a 24/7 online portal where residents and community members can voice their thoughts and opinions on a variety of City projects. The new platform also provides opportunities to engage in conversations on topics through a range of open and structured engagement environments, including:

  • discussion forums 
  • idea-generation boards 
  • interactive mapping 
  • storyboards 
  • polls
  • surveys

This tool is especially timely, as the community has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Previous styles of engagement events are not always possible with current public health guidelines, so this online platform provides direct access and a convenient channel to engage with the City on a variety of issues. We will also be able to use the software to evaluate programs that the City provides to residents.

The site is open to anyone who is interested in reviewing submitted comments and the option to participate becomes available following a secure registration when your email address, postal code, age bracket and a user name is collected. 

Start cultivating the conversation today! Visit to register.

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Last edited: November 4, 2020