Published on May 17, 2021

Flourish: Growing to 100K

Did you know the City has a new Municipal Development Plan? Flourish, Growing to 100K, is a foundational document for the City of St. Albert. The new MDP’s overarching goals will provide guiding direction for future decisions, investments and complementary City plans in conjunction with the corporate long-range planning framework.

The City’s previous MDP was approved in 2000 with a minor update in 2007. The community had undergone significant change since that time and a comprehensive and thorough revision was needed.

Extensive public input was a critical component that helped shape the goals, principles and policies within the new MDP. The City’s Planning department undertook a variety of public participation opportunities over four phases from 2018 to 2020. During that time, thousands of residents participated in engagement and communication opportunities such as open houses, workshops, pop-up booths, webinars, questionnaires, speaking sessions and project champion meetings.

The City’s new MDP builds on the strong foundation created by Cultivating our Future: St. Albert’s Community Vision. The new MDP is a comprehensive, long-range policy plan that positions the City to seize new opportunities and proactively plan for growth. It provides the City with a thoughtful plan to guide growth and change as the community adds approximately 13,000 jobs and grows to a population of 100,000 in the coming decades.

In order to accurately reflect the vision of the community, the new MDP focuses on the following nine goals: Green Environment, Robust Economy, Housing Options, Mobility Choices, Cultural Richness, Resilient Infrastructure, Community Well-Being, Great Places, and Sustainable Growth.

How will the MDP impact the community? It will let residents, property owners, businesses and community groups better understand the changes they can expect to see in the years ahead. The MDP will also support business and employment growth by designating priority areas for new employment and mixed-use employment growth, as well as supporting intensification in strategic areas throughout the City.

For more information, visit the Municipal Development Plan section.

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Last edited: May 20, 2021