Published on May 21, 2021

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Pharmacist is a Mental Health Hero

Moustafa Bekheet is more than a pharmacist. His positive outlook and attitude have a direct impact on the customers around him. Eldeen Harris, one of the pharmacy’s customers, nominated Moustafa as a Mental Health Hero because of his compassion.

“When you speak to Moustafa, he is approachable, kind and patient as he listens to your issues and offers support,” says Eldeen. Moustafa focuses most of his time and energy towards supporting others and ensuring that he does everything possible to assist them. Eldeen adds, “He is always there for me. I credit him for a part of my recovery as I always felt comfortable sharing my illness with him and I felt safe talking to him. He is a kind, smart soul to confide in.”

This St. Albert pharmacist is known by his customers to be warm, have a helpful attitude and provide excellent customer service. He cares deeply for people, works hard and always tries to lift the spirits of those around him. Eldeen says, “I know there are so many amazing people deserving accolades. Moustafa is one of the front runners. He is one of my Mental Health Heroes.”

Mustafa's honesty and friendly, considerate nature are qualities that make him a wonderful person and a Mental Health Hero. Over the years, his attention to his customers has contributed to the health of families and individuals in the St. Albert community.
Story drafted with permission from Moustafa Bekheet and Eldeen Harris, and content from nominator Eldeen Harris. 

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Last edited: May 26, 2021