Published on May 20, 2020

We Honour Our Front-Line Workers

Now more than ever, our community relies on the staff working to provide essential services and businesses. We cannot give enough thanks to show our extreme gratitude and the humble respect we have for those helping hands. 

They start each day by going above and beyond to ensure the community has access to the vital goods, services and support that’s needed during this unprecedented time. At the end of the day, they continue gifting their service as they go home to take care of their family and loved ones.

To recognize these amazing individuals and show our gratitude, Mayor Cathy Heron proclaimed May 19 as Front-Line Worker Appreciation Day in the City of St. Albert.

These individuals have experienced increased demands to comply with the Public Health Order, so they can stay open and serve the community. They do this with a smile and confidence in knowing they’re playing their part, so everyone can safely be provided with their essential needs.

We know this isn’t easy and so we offer our biggest heartfelt thank you to those workers. Their unwavering commitment has brought a sense of peace and security to our community at a time of extreme uncertainty. 

Next time you come across a front-line worker, offer them a caring thank you with one hand over your heart.

View the proclamation

Below, we’ve shared some heartwarming thank you parades that recently happened outside of the Sturgeon Community Hospital.

Canada Post Parade

Emergency Services’ Parade

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Last edited: May 20, 2020