Published on February 19, 2020

Diversity & Inclusion Take a Front Seat

In 2017, the City of St. Albert began developing a document that would outline Administration’s commitment to supporting a welcoming and inclusive community for all. City Council adopted the Declaration in 2018 and Administration is currently taking steps to help ensure its message is clearly and broadly communicated.

The purpose of the Declaration, which is posted to the City’s website, is to publicly acknowledge the City of St. Albert’s intention to enhance its capacity for social, cultural and economic excellence, which it is in large part able to do thanks to the diversity of our community and the inclusivity of all residents.

Over the coming months, you will notice the City of St. Albert’s Declaration to be a Welcoming & Inclusive Community displayed on LCD screens throughout City facilities. This action is one small step the City has undertaken to publicly confirm the value Administration places on communicating this commitment. It also reaffirms our alignment with the values of diversity and inclusion, while recognizing the importance of embracing diversity and inclusion in our daily interactions, practice and work.

Administration has also taken steps to work towards the promotion of these values among City staff, by printing and displaying the Declaration in our shared office spaces within our City buildings. This is the perfect document to accompany the City’s Community Vision and Pillars of Sustainability Policy document that is already posted not only on our website, but also in board rooms, hallways, and kitchens throughout our private work spaces. Displaying these documents is yet another reminder to our teams that we are committed to ensuring we all make decisions that are in the best interests of everyone, that we value individuality and that everyone feels included.

Going forward, the City will be looking at additional steps we can take to further reinforce the role this Declaration plays in shaping our decisions, actions and initiatives. We are committed to creating further links and alignment between the City’s existing inclusion initiatives and other areas within Administration’s scope. Please stay tuned for additional updates and thank you for helping the City of St. Albert embrace diversity as an inclusive and accessible place for all people.

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Last edited: February 19, 2020