Published on June 1, 2021

Planning for the Future Together

On April 19, 2021, Council approved Flourish: Growing to 100K, the City’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP). It is a comprehensive, city-wide plan for growth and change, envisioning a future population of 100,000, and up to 13,000 new jobs over the coming decades. The plan outlines goals, principles, and policies to guide where future growth will go and what growth will look like. 

Now that the MDP is approved, the City can start to build long-range strategies that align with it and help deliver stated goals. These strategies will be cross-departmental in nature and outcome-based to ensure alignment across the organization and inclusion of relevant program areas. They will allow for one central long-term vision to be consistently integrated.
The first strategy to be developed using this long-range planning framework will be the Green Environment Strategy. “Environment is excited to pilot the enhanced strategic framework in the development of the Green Environment Strategy,” said Christian Benson, Manager of Environment. “This new framework allows for better alignment with the MDP and will better reflect the expectations of residents and Council.” During this pilot, significant attention will be placed on documenting tools, templates, process and lessons learned throughout this project in order to prepare a summary report about the implementation of the framework to be used to improve the development of future strategies. The pilot is currently in Phase 2 – Community Engagement. A public participation webpage will be set up in the coming weeks at to collect feedback that will help shape the strategy on the following four principles:

  1. Protect, conserve and enhance natural features within St. Albert
  2. Conserve and enhance the biological diversity and health of wildlife, vegetation and landscapes within St. Albert 
  3. Contribute to the protection of water quality and quantity in the Sturgeon River watershed
  4. Protect and expand St. Albert’s urban forest and tree canopy 

Stay tuned to find out how you can be involved in shaping the City’s future.    

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Last edited: June 2, 2021