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City of St.Albert
Get Creative with St. Albert’s Open Data Portal! Header Image

Get Creative with St. Albert’s Open Data Portal!

Explore the information found in your own community! With St. Albert’s Open Data Portal, you can now freely access, download and analyze municipal data.

  • Want to find out how many parks are in St. Albert and how big they are? Explore Open Data!
  • Want to build a map to find out where the photo enforcement mobile locations are in the city? Explore Open Data!

Open data can assist local businesses in their service provision, academics in their research, developers in creating regional wayfinding tools, and residents to better understand how infrastructure connects the city, among other possibilities.

On February 19, the City launched its Open Data Portal. Datasets that are currently available on the City of St. Albert website include:

  • the city boundary,
  • parks,
  • parcels,
  • area structure plans,
  • area redevelopment plans,
  • neighbourhoods,
  • photo enforcement mobile locations,
  • photo enforcement intersection safety device camera locations,
  • photo enforcement mobile locations justifications, and
  • cultural facilities.

What is Open Data? Open Data is based on the philosophy that government data should be available and accessible by anyone through a licence – free to use, reuse and redistribute without restriction.

Sharing the City’s data supports transparency, accountability, innovation, economic development and stakeholder engagement.

In the coming months, the City plans to make further datasets available to the public, including City facilities, traffic counts, transit routes and trails.

Interested in a dataset not listed here? Let us know! Request a dataset by contacting

Start exploring today!

Last edited: March 29, 2019

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