Published on September 28, 2020

Grants Support Local Events and Capital Projects

Did you know the City of St. Albert offers a variety of grants for community initiatives and exceptional individuals? Two of these grants have recently been allocated for 2020 to support upcoming events and capital projects taking place within the Botanical Arts City.

The Community Capital Program Grant provides funding towards capital projects undertaken by eligible not-for-profit groups that offer broad and inclusive recreational, cultural or social services. Additionally, these capital projects must:

  • Enhance services through either new development or through renovations to an existing facility.
  • Serve the citizens of St. Albert. 
  • Be accessible, affordable, and inclusive, providing broad opportunities for community members.
  • Demonstrate sustainability for the facility and the not-for-profit group. 
  • Demonstrate a partnership where the City of St. Albert is one of a number of sources of funding.
  • Involve a strong volunteer base supporting the facility project while sustaining ongoing operations

Organizations are eligible to receive one Community Capital Program Grant every two years for a capital project such as playground development or facility renovation. This year, the City received requests totaling $405,185, which was $155,185 more than the $250,000 available. 

On September 21, 2020 City Council approved the following grants: 

  • $65,000 towards Dynamyx Gymnastics Club of St. Albert’s renovations/improvements at its new facility.
  • $65,000 towards Keenooshayo Parents’ Fundraising Association’s playground replacement.
  • $19,000 towards Sir Alexander McKenzie Fundraising Society’s additional play equipment and benches. 
  • $2,873 towards St. Albert & District Further Education Association’s renovations.
  • $31,888 towards St. Albert Men’s Slowpitch Association’s storage compound and lighting refurbishing project. 
  • $3,773 towards St. Albert Nordic Ski Club’s purchase of a narrow ginzu groomer.
  • $2,096 towards St. Albert Tennis Club’s bench replacement.
  • $30,555 towards the Star of the North Retreat House’s facility refresh and safety improvements.

St. Albert Tennis Club tennis courts

baseball sitting in grass

The City also provides the opportunity for non-profits to apply for assistance with running events through its Community Events Grant Program. Events can range from a sporting or cultural event, festival, service or activity for residents. Organizations can apply for one Community Events Grant per calendar year. 

When applying, non-profits must ensure the event does not show a profit, and will not be used for fundraising purposes. Typically, funding for an event will not normally exceed $5,000. Some of the other requirements for an approved event include:

  • Event is no cost or low-cost for individuals to attend. 
  • Appeals to the general population and has a high level of community acceptance.
  • Must be open and accessible to the public regardless of race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status, or sexual orientation.
  • Secular and non-political in nature.

This year, the City received one request for $5,000 for the Taste of Africa 2021 event from the Africans and African Descendants Friendship Club of St. Albert. It was approved by City Council on September 21, 2020. 

So where can non-profits learn more?

Interested non-profits can check out these grants and learn how to apply for 2021 funding online at Information on upcoming deadlines, applicable guidelines and who to contact with any questions is available there as well.  

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Last edited: September 29, 2020