Published on June 19, 2024

Nurture Your Lawn by Grasscycling

Ditch the bag on your lawnmower this season and try out grasscycling! It’s easy - simply leave your grass clippings on your lawn to improve its health and appearance. This method will save you the time and effort you would normally put into scooping grass clippings into your Green Organics Cart or paper yard-waste bags to take to the Compost Depot.

Grass clippings are nutrient-rich and can act as a natural fertilizer when you leave them on the lawn. Keeping your grass blades high (only cutting one-third of the blade) and leaving moisture-rich clippings on the lawn slow the evaporation of water, reducing the frequency for watering and saving you money. Grass that is cut high also leaves little room for pesky weeds to grow.

Grasscycling can also help save the environment. In the summer months, up to 75 per cent of Green Organics Carts are filled with grass clippings. Grasscycling reduces waste and greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting the grass to the depot, minimizes the amount of water and fertilizer your lawn needs, and eliminates the need for plastic or paper bag use.

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Ditching the bag on your lawnmower can seem like a daunting change at first and you may also wonder:

Won’t the grass just clump together?

When cut properly, grass clippings left on the lawn are virtually unnoticeable. If you notice your cuttings clumping, mow in a different direction to dissipate the clump, and avoid mowing when grass is wet. Grass clippings decompose quickly and reintroduce nutrients and water into the soil as they break down. 

Won’t my lawn be full of weeds? 

Grasscycling does not spread weeds or lawn disease. In fact, reducing fertilizer use and the frequency with which you water your lawn can limit weed growth. Avoid mowing if any existing weeds are flowering, as cutting the top of the flower head can spread seeds.

Get a Free Lawn Sign

Help spread the word to your neighbours about the benefits of grasscycling by requesting and displaying a free lawn sign.

Request a Lawn Sign

The City has created three different lawn signs which can be picked up at the Mike Mitchell Recycling Depot or the Jack Kraft Facility.*
*Please note the quantities of particular signs may vary throughout the year. You may not get to choose which sign you receive.

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