Published on July 21, 2021

Public Participation - Have Your Say

The City of St. Albert is committed to planning and implementing meaningful public participation. Public participation is the part of a project where residents and other stakeholders are informed, consulted and can be heard before a decision is made. Feedback is provided through conversations, social media, addressing Council and Cultivate the Conversation.

The following public participation tools can be used by St. Albert residents:

Vote in the Upcoming Municipal Election

vote oct 18On October 18, 2021 you can cast your vote in the upcoming municipal election. Voting is an important responsibility and to prepare yourself we encourage you to learn more about current issues facing the City. Whether you have just moved to St. Albert, or lived in the community for years, now is the time to vote for leaders who you believe will represent and support your interests. 

On Election Day, residents will be casting ballots to fill positions of Mayor and six Councillors. As candidates file nomination papers with the City, their names will be posted to the City website. Once you know who is running in the Municipal election, research all the candidates’ political platforms. Look at their social media platforms and websites to learn who shares your goals and values for the city. 

For more information on the 2021 Municipal Election, such as voting opportunities and voter eligibility, visit the Election Information page

Cultivate the Conversation

In an effort to increase resident opportunity for providing input, in late 2020 St. Albert introduced “Cultivate the Conversation,” an online public participation platform. There is a range of open and structured engagement environments, including discussion forums, idea-generation boards, interactive mapping, storyboards, polls and surveys.  

Take part in Cultivate the Conversation public participation opportunities. Set up an account; it is free, easy to do, can be anonymous, and you can sign up to receive notifications on projects that are important to you. 

Public Participation Calendar

Additional methods of public participation include public hearings, appeals, public notification, public meetings, open houses, surveys or focus groups.

View the public participation calendar for upcoming opportunities 

Share Your Point of View With Council 

St. Albert Council Chambers

Do have a comment or inquiry that you want to share with Council? City Council is available to the public and opportunities are provided to participate in regular Council meetings. The opportunities to communicate with Council include:

  • Writing a letter to your City Councillor, either by email or traditional mail, can be an effective way to communicate your concern or support for an issue.
  • Attend Council meetings and public hearings; residents can watch Council meetings at Anyone can address Council for up to five minutes at the Council meeting. Register to speak.
  • View the schedule for upcoming Council meetings.
  • City Councillors are interested in what you have to say. Your opinions and input assist Council in making informed decisions on services, bylaws and overall municipal operations. Residents are welcome to directly contact Council at any time   

To learn more about our public participation process, view this previous City Highlights article.


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Last edited: July 21, 2021