Published on July 7, 2020

Support a Healthy Relaunch

How can I Support a Healthy Relaunch? 

St. Albert has rallied together throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to protect each other from the spread of the virus. We kept our distance; isolated when we were sick or travelled; helped a neighbour with groceries and errands; participated in vehicle parades to remind our older residents that we still cared even though we couldn’t physically visit. We have also shared our community pride and resilience through the community mantra, #T8NTogether. This approach is working, and with the provincial launch of stage 2, more services are now available. The world is starting to feel like its on its way to recovery.

WAIT! We aren’t quite there yet! Here are a few things you can continue to do to help support a safe relaunch of services and facilities within the community: 

Protect yourself and others from COVID-19

  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Isolate if you’re feeling sick
  • When out, maintain physical distancing
  • Cover coughs and sneezes 
  • Wear a face covering in indoor public places
  • Wash or sanitize your hands frequently 
  • Avoid touching your face
  • Follow safety measures when visiting public spaces, like playgrounds, businesses and health clinics

Isolate cover cough and wash hands

Distancing and masks

Be Aware of the Risks

  • Ask businesses and community groups how they are preventing the spread of COVID-19 before re-entering spaces.
  • Use the online COVID-19 status map to check St. Albert’s current risk level.
  • Follow City of St. Albert social media channels to stay up to date on the latest COVID-19 news in the community. 

We all have a part to play in maintaining the health of our community. Help Prevent the Spread: 

To learn more about how you can safely participate, protect your fellow residents, and support your local businesses and community groups, use the resources linked below.

Provincial information and resources

Other City information and resources:

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