Published on September 9, 2020

How Green is St. Albert?

This past August, the City of St. Albert was invited to present during an online webinar series hosted by the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre. The City shared environmental initiatives and projects undertaken in the last few years and how it has managed its progress towards a greener community.

Air Monitoring Station

Electric Bus Charger

Since 2010, the City of St. Albert has been a participant in the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s program Partners for Climate Protection and is currently only one of two communities to have earned recognition at all five program milestones. The five milestones are:

Milestone 1: (completed 2010)
Create a Baseline Emissions Inventory and Forecast

Milestone 2: (completed 2010)
Set Emissions Reduction Targets

Milestone 3: (completed 2013)
Develop a Local Action Plan

Milestone 4: (completed 2016)
Implement the Local Action Plan

Milestone 5: (completed 2019)
Monitor Progress and Report Results

Clean Air Day Event

Home Energy Assessment Toolkit

Some of the highlights from the presentation include:

Electric Bus

Solar Panels

To learn more, Watch the recorded webinar
(Note: Watch from the beginning to learn more about the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre or skip ahead to 19:00 for the St. Albert specific presentation!)

The Municipal Climate Change Action Centre was formed in partnership between the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association, Rural Municipalities of Alberta and the Government of Alberta to provide funding, technical assistance and education to municipalities and other local authorities and organizations to advance actions to lower energy costs, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve climate resilience.

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