Published on April 6, 2021

How Public Participation Works

The City of St. Albert recognizes the importance of public participation on civic topics. Using the International Association of Public Participation (IAP2) model the City has developed structured, well-planned and meaningful engagement. Public participation leads to better decisions and is a shared responsibility of Council, Administration and the community. 

Public Participation Process

Public participation is an important way to collect resident input on a variety of topics. Decision makers can use that information to help inform their decisions. The process for public participation needs to be carried out in a manner that respects different values and perspectives. Viewpoints should be shared in an open, respectful and timely manner. 

How Public Participation Works in St. Albert

At the City of St. Albert, input from residents, organizations and businesses is an important part of the decision-making process. However, it is also important to remember that input is only one factor. What must also be considered are the technical and legislative requirements, impacts to other City programs, policies and approved plans, and the feasibility of financial, environmental, social and other factors. Depending on the topic, and the nature of the consultation, some factors weigh more heavily than others. For example, sometimes the City cannot act on input provided because regulations do not allow for it, or because it is too expensive to implement. Additional information can be found in the Public Participation Policy. Public participation is a dynamic and evolving process that needs constant evaluation and adjustment to continuously improve and address the changing needs of the community. 

How Decisions Will Be Made

The City of St. Albert bases its approach to public participation on the principles and methodology of the IAP2. The IAP2 model involves a variety of public participation tools that are selected depending on the nature of the opportunity. A key component is the IAP2 spectrum, which defines the goal of the public participation opportunity for each major category of the spectrum.

Public Participation Decision Diagram

View Larger Public Participation Decision Diagram

Cultivate the Conversation - Public Engagement Process

View Larger Public Engagement Spectrum Diagram

Stay tuned for a future City Highlights story to learn the many different ways you can participate.

St. Albert has a new platform for its active participation opportunities. Engage with the City and fellow residents through discussion forums, idea boards, interactive maps, polls and surveys at the link below.

Visit Cultivate the Conversation

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