Published on September 6, 2023

Let’s Get Electric

The City of St. Albert is committed to finding innovative ways to protect our environment for future generations. With this work, comes the installation of over 20 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in 2023 now being offered throughout the community for local and visiting EV drivers to charge up while they’re out and about. Check out all the locations at

All facilities feature level 2 electric vehicle charging stations to better serve those looking to commute in electric style. These charging stations were funded through the Municipal Climate Change Action Centre’s Electric Vehicle Charging Program to cover the majority of total project costs. Learn more about the Action Centre

Electric Charging Station at Fire Hall 1

Electric Charging Station at Servus Place

Below, the City has addressed some frequently asked questions about EVs and the newly installed charging stations. For those who want to learn more, be sure to come out to the City’s Electric Vehicle Day event being held on Saturday, September 9 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the parking lot across from St. Albert Place.

The City, Municipal Climate Change Action Centre and the Electric Vehicle Association of Alberta will be taking over the six charging stations to share information about EVs and charging stations and answer your questions. There will also be several EVs on site for you to see up close and have a chat with drivers about their experience.

What does a level 2 charging station mean?

A level 2 charging station uses a 240-volt plug to quickly charge an electric vehicle (EV). These charging stations can fully charge an EV in five to ten hours (or 30-90 km/hour). This style of charger utilizes a standard connector (SAE J1772 plug). Level 2 charging stations deliver more power than a level 1 charger, charging an EV battery much quicker.

How much do people pay to use an EV charging station?

All City-run EV chargers are pay-for-use and charge $1.50 per hour of charging except for the station behind St. Albert Business Centre, which is currently free to charge.

The most convenient way for electric vehicle drivers to pay when accessing the charging stations at St. Albert Place, Servus Credit Union Place, Fountain Park Recreation Centre, Nakî Transit Centre and Fire Hall 1 is to use either a FLO or ChargePoint account. The charging network operators, FLO and ChargePoint, charge the fee on behalf of the City and remit the revenue back to us. This revenue is used to cover the City’s electricity charges and the operation and maintenance costs of the charging stations.

When the battery reaches end of life on an EV where will they be disposed of?

According to the Recycling Council of Alberta, once the battery is no longer suitable for use in an EV, it will likely find a second life in energy storage. Ultimately, the battery will be recycled to recover up to 95 per cent of its valuable materials, as noted in this news story

What is the source of energy for the electric car charging stations?

The source of energy for the electric charging stations depends on the location and the weather. For example, when the sun is shining, the solar PV installation at Servus Credit Union Place helps to meet the overall electricity demand of the facility, including the charging stations. Similarly, once solar PV is installed at St. Albert Place as part of the multi-phase lifecycle and facility repair project, the renewable energy will help to meet the charging stations' electrical demand. At other times of the day and at other City locations, our charging stations rely on grid electricity. Learn more about the makeup of Alberta's grid

Is there a bylaw in place to support usage so that the charging stations are not used for parking but charging only?

The parking stalls at the City's electric vehicle charging stations have been signed so that enforcement can act if someone is not appropriately parked.

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Come on out to the City's Electric Vehicle Day event on Saturday, September 9 and get them answered!

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