Published on February 4, 2020

More services than meet the eye!

Most of us are familiar with the basic things that a City Administration is supposed to take care of for us: local business permits, road maintenance, property tax and other civic duties like that. We all understand that our city’s staff is there to make sure that the day-to-day basics of how our city operates are run smoothly and efficiently, so that we can enjoy our lives in the place that we call home.

Community Intake Councillor providing services

Neighbourhood Connection Kits

What some people may not realize, however, is that there is more to Administration’s role than meets the eye. Within the Community Services department at the City of St. Albert, there is a branch of services called Community & Social Development (CSD). This group of staff, and the programs they run, are mandated with providing preventive social services to the residents of St. Albert, through direct service to the community as well as a range of services offered through Family & Community Support Services grant-funded community organizations. This work includes things like family- and youth-centred counselling, subsidy programs, community programs for seniors, youth and families, asset development (programs that help equip youth for a healthy and successful future), and volunteer opportunities for locals.

All of CSD’s work throughout the community is shaped by direction provided by the City of St. Albert’s Social Master Plan, a document that reflects on key social issues and provides a road map for the City to build a caring, connected, inclusive and safe community for all residents and visitors. The original Plan was shaped in 2013 with the input of residents themselves and follows five values that were highlighted as most important to residents: Sense of Community and Connectedness, Diversity and Inclusion, Social Responsibility and Engagement, Healthy Lifestyle and Well-being, and Capacity Building. Each year, the team reflects on the evolution of that plan and reports on how their work has helped contribute to achieving the goals and mandates set forward, year over year.

Many kids on bikes enjoying a Block Party

Little girl wearing a princess costume looking into a mirror and smiling

For 2019, the Community & Social Development team tried a new approach to highlighting their accomplishments and successes throughout the year. They wanted to make sure that people better understood the five values of the Social Master Plan and could really relate those values to the work they see – and maybe don’t see – happening in their own community. The video below highlights a summary of some of the programs and services offered through the City of St. Albert that aim to ensure every resident has access to the supports they need to be successful.

Everyone has a responsibility to our community; every resident of St. Albert can contribute to the success of the Social Master Plan by being an active, engaged and caring member of their neighbourhood. Even if you don’t access these supports yourself, chances are you know someone who does. Being thoughtful, generous and kind to those around us is the best way to make sure St. Albert continues to flourish into a welcoming community for all. With your commitment, the City can continue to grow into a caring, connected, inclusive and safe place for everyone to call home.

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Last edited: February 21, 2020