Published on January 24, 2023

Build a Sense of Community as a Neighbourhood Connector

Neighbours are all around us, they lend a hand when we need to feel safe, they water our plants when we are away, they shovel your sidewalk, they wave from afar and they play a key role in our sense of community connectedness. A strong neighbourhood fosters a sense of belonging, helps children and youth thrive, provides emotional and mental support and improves safety.

Neighbourhood Connectors are part of a large community effort that aims to build connections and a sense of community on every street in St. Albert. They might plan Block Parties, share neighbourhood ideas and position themselves as a trusting community contact.

Meet resident and Neighbourhood Connector, Ashley King. Ashley is someone who cares about her neighbourhood and understands the value of bringing everyone together and staying connected. Let us get to know Ashley and why being a Neighbourhood Connector is so important to her.

Ashley King in her garden

Tell us about yourself!

My name is Ashley, I like to read, play board games and play outside! I live, work and play in St. Albert and I feel so lucky to be here.I have lived in St. Albert since I was 10-years-old and in a number of different neighbourhoods. I have lived on Butterfield Crescent for over 10 years now.

When and why did you get involved as a Neighbourhood Connector?

I became involved as a Neighbourhood Connector about five years ago. I was highly encouraged by Angie Dedrick, Community Development Coordinator within the Family & Community Support Services branch of the City of St. Albert - her passion for community was contagious!

What motivates you to build a sense of connection and community where you live?

People have an innate need to be together, and they really want to help each other. We often just don’t know how to help or how to spark a connection.

What has been your most rewarding experience as a Neighbourhood Connector?

The pandemic closures really helped solidify the sense of community in our neighbourhood. From surprise door drop-offs and neighbourhood lawn birthdays, to meeting new people that would enjoy your extra garden bounty to knowing who your kids can reach out to for help, were some of the positive things we experienced in our neighbourhood. Becoming friends with my neighbours has been the most rewarding piece for me.

What advice would you give someone looking to make meaningful connections in their neighbourhood?

Become a Neighbourhood Connector! The group hosts some great workshops to get ideas and to get to know other people. As far as making connections on your street; being outside in your front yard or walking the neighbourhood and saying hello to people you recognize is a gentle start. 

Join Us At Our Neighbourhood Connection Summit

Calling all neighbourhood builders, connectors, and enthusiasts! Mark your calendar for the Neighbourhood Connection Summit on February 4, 2023 at St. Albert Place! This event will feature community groups, City of St. Albert staff, and guest speakers who will share approaches to creating a safe and happy neighbourhood. 

The event is free to attend but registration is required. For more information, please view the Neighbourhood Connection Summit Event

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