Published on January 28, 2020

Backyard Hens One Year Later

Raising backyard hens is increasing in popularity across many municipalities. Many see backyard hens as an opportunity to provide fresh eggs, control pests such as bugs or even small rodents, eliminate food waste, or just be good pets. For over a year now, the City of St. Albert has allowed residents to apply and participate in the Backyard Hens Program. The Hen Bylaw was passed in January of 2019. Since then, 13 households have been approved to carry a Hen Licence, which allows the household to have up to four hens. 

Anyone interested in keeping backyard hens is required to demonstrate that they have had hen keeping experience or take hen keeping training. River City Chickens offered this course on behalf of the city in 2019. This course allows interested people to learn more about feeding, winter precautions, health care, breeds and how to be a good neighbour when you have hens in your yard. In some cases, this course helped people learn the realities of owning hens and if it was a good fit or not. River City Chickens continues to run this course in Edmonton.

The Backyard Hens Program operates on a complaint basis. In the case of a complaint, City Administration will monitor the issue and may conduct an inspection, if appropriate.

Anyone interested in becoming a hen keeper in St. Albert must complete the full application process. Once received, the Hen Licence is valid for one year, and must be renewed each year.

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Last edited: January 28, 2020