Published on March 10, 2020

Partners in Economic Pathways

City of St. Albert Focused on Job Creation and Economic Sustainability

On February 27, 2020, the Government of Alberta tabled its 2020-2021 Budget. The Budget’s continued focus on fiscal restraint and measured approach to fiscal management aligns with the City’s emphasis on maintaining and enhancing our community’s long-term sustainability. We look forward to working with the Government of Alberta to enhance our sustainability through improvement of economic outcomes and job creation.

St. Albert has positioned itself well in preparation for funding reductions. Changes to the municipal funding model for policing and emergency services training will have little impact to our budget and demonstrate the success of our proactive approach to sound fiscal management.

“To achieve our desired outcomes and find the long-term fiscal sustainability we seek, the City is focused on developing sustainable business practices through revenue generation opportunities, cost-saving initiatives, process efficiency improvements and the creation of regional partnership and collaborative opportunities,” says Mayor Cathy Heron. “Working in concert with the Province and others outside of St. Albert’s boundaries is vital to finding synergies and building towards a progressive and prosperous future.”

The City, similar to the Province, remains a champion for red-tape reduction. St. Albert continues to offer best in class turnaround times for licensing and permit approvals in Alberta and is committed to ongoing continuous improvement through our Green Tape 2.0 initiative. As well, implementation of the Priority Based Business Planning and Budgeting system has resulted in over 300 new ideas being generated by Administration to create revenue and find process efficiencies. The next step will be to determine feasibility and priority of the possible initiatives moving forward.

“Continued focus on providing value to our tax- and rate-payers remains our top priority,” says Chief Administrative Officer Kevin Scoble. “Implementing prudent fiscal strategies that ensure quality service levels while driving the efficient use of taxpayer resources continue to play a significant role in our decision-making.”

While there is still more information to come from the Government of Alberta on the rollout of Budget 2020, the continued focus on long-term sustainability will help the City respond to changes. Alongside the business community, the City will continue to monitor broader impacts to the local and regional economy, as roughly 30 per cent of the city’s employment base works within government.

In today’s ever-changing world, one thing remains constant: the focus for the City of St. Albert continues to be on long-term fiscal sustainability. We remain committed to partnering with the Government of Alberta to build a sustainable community, region and province that yields positive economic, social and environmental outcomes for all.

View the Provincial Budget

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Last edited: March 10, 2020