Published on November 24, 2020

Plows in Action: Safety Tips for Motorists

Safe Winter Driving 

When you are out and about this winter, remember to allow for the plow – slow down, leave plenty of room and be patient. Whether you are driving on the highway or within the city, here are some safety tips to implement:

  • Stay back four to five car lengths from a snowplow.
  • Avoid passing snowplows. It can be unsafe.
  • Snowplows have blind spots and may not see you.
  • Snowplows travel below the posted speed limit. Be alert.
  • Before heading out check for road conditions.
  • Keep roads safe. Slow down when you see a snowplow.
  • Be patient. Snowplows pull over every five to eight kilometres to let vehicles pass.

Snow Clearing in the City

As soon as two to five centimeters of snow has accumulated, our winter maintenance crews start snow plowing the streets. A priority matrix outlines the sequence in which our streets are plowed and sanded. Streets with higher speed limits and heavier traffic flow are the highest priority. 

Parking lots will normally be cleared after five to ten centimeters of snow has accumulated. Snow will be initially stockpiled and removed at a later date. Learn more about the City’s snow clearing policy.

View the 2020-2021 Winter Roads Maintenance Map

Please report unsafe road conditions, such as icy roads or damaged traffic signs, by calling Public Works at 780-459-1557.

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Last edited: November 25, 2020