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Prepare Yourself for Mother Nature’s Worst

Every summer, severe storms roll through the city and wreak havoc. Claps of thunder feel like they’re right overhead, and lightning illuminates the sky. This year alone, we’ve experienced hail, heavy winds, and torrential downpours. It seems like there’s a severe storm warning every few weeks.

So how can you be prepared for Mother Nature’s worst?

Protect Your Home

  • Cap or install a backflow prevention valve on your basement floor drain.
  • Check your sump pump regularly.
  • Clean your eavestroughs.
  • Re-roof your home, if your roof is old or decaying, to protect it from strong winds.

Prepare Your Yard

  • Angle downspouts away from your house toward your lawn to improve yard drainage.
  • Trim dead branches and cut down dead trees to reduce the danger of them falling onto your home or onto someone else’s property.
  • Secure lawn furniture and other objects that might be blown around. Take lightweight objects inside to avoid flying debris.

And when the storm watch turns into a warning – it’s time to protect yourself!

  • Pick a safe place in your home with no windows, skylights or glass doors, which might be broken by strong winds or hail.
  • Unplug and avoid using electrical appliances.
  • Avoid taking a bath, shower or running water as metal pipes and plumbing can conduct electricity if struck by lightning.

Know how to protect yourself and your property BEFORE a severe storm hits. For more information on how to be prepared for any emergency, download the City of St. Albert’s Emergency Preparedness Guide.

Be Prepared! Each month, the City of St. Albert offers tips and resources to help you better prepare yourself and your family for any emergency. Visit

Last edited: August 28, 2018

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