Published on November 5, 2019

Preparing for prosperity: By improving our long-term sustainability


  • The City of St. Albert is preparing for future prosperity by improving our long-term sustainability.
  • We want to provide residents with benefits in three areas: social, environmental and economic. We call this our triple bottom line.


  • The issues faced by the City continue to grow in scale and complexity. We need to consider new approaches to deal with these new and more complex issues.
  • We need to take new and innovative approaches if we are to identify new sources of revenue that minimize future tax increases and enable us to continue providing the programs and services valued by residents and businesses.


  • One of the ways the City is taking a new approach is by exploring the potential to provide non-traditional utility services (alternative servicing) to residents and businesses.
  • A Municipal Utility Corporation (MUC) is one of the ways Council could choose to deliver utility services to residents and businesses in St. Albert.
  • The MUC does not have to focus on waste to energy, but waste to energy is a great example of a potential new line of service.


  • In the past, the City has shown leadership in waste reduction, reuse and recycling. We will also show leadership in waste recovery opportunities.
  • The City has issued a request for proposals to develop a small-scale waste-to-energy pilot, which will show how St. Albert can work with innovative private industry to showcase and demonstrate their technologies while minimizing the risk to taxpayers.
  • The City worked with an unbiased, external management consulting firm to develop a business plan and market impact assessment for the potential Municipal Utility Corporation, which was presented publicly to Council at their October 28 meeting.


  • The City is asking residents to get informed, determine if change is needed and share their perspectives with Council.
  • The City is holding a public hearing on the potential Municipal Utility Corporation (MUC) on December 2, 2019 to hear from residents, businesses and stakeholders.
  • For more information, visit the City of St. Albert website at

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