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Rain Catchers

Spring is soon to be here and so is the anticipated growing season. Many people are looking forward to planting their vegetable and flower gardens, and nurturing the growth of lawns, bushes and trees. For all of this rejuvenation to happen, all we need to do is add water – right? Right!

As the Botanical Arts City, St. Albert is known for its majestic tree-lined streets and its residents’ beautiful yards. One of Council’s strategic priorities is caring for our environment. At the start of this year, the City implemented a new Water Conservation Bylaw, which provides guidance to residents on using water wisely in various situations, be it outdoor or indoor water usage. This is one of the ways the City is helping to preserve our earth’s precious resource – water.

The City has also teamed up with L.B.H. Building Centre to sell 500 rain barrels to residents to help “catch” more water. As the rains come in April, people can collect fresh water in rain barrels to use in watering their gardens and lawns. As the water rises in the barrels, residents will enjoy saving money on their water bills and having the best natural food to encourage plant growth, green lawns and healthy soil.

Rain barrels come in a neutral colour that blends in with the landscape. Each barrel holds up to 208 litres (55 gallons) of fresh rain water.

The 2018 Rain Barrel Sale is taking place:

Date: Saturday, May 5 starting at 8 a.m.
Location: L.B.H. Building Centre, 11 Riel Drive
Cost: $50 each, limited to 2 per person

Save water, save money! Catch water from your roof! Grow your beautiful landscape!

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Benefits of Rain Barrels

Last edited: March 27, 2018

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