Published on May 4, 2022

A Year In Review – 2021

City’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement and Good Governance

In 2021, the City continued to exercise fiscal responsibility and minimize the financial impacts of the pandemic. A conservative approach was taken in preparing for anticipated reduced revenues. Proactive forecasting allowed the City to reallocate resources, implement cost-saving initiatives and defer projects in a timely manner. As such, the City was able to maintain core service provision throughout the pandemic.

Despite the challenges we faced in 2021, St. Albert has seen continued growth and private-sector investment. There are many achievements we are proud of; the City has continued to advance Council’s Strategic Plan and the seven overarching priorities. The following highlights some of the progress that was made:

  • Growth Policy Framework – Flourish – Growing to 100K, the City’s Municipal Development Plan (MDP), was adopted by City Council on April 19, 2021. Since then, public engagement has taken place and feedback has been collected. An updated MDP will be presented to Council in 2022. This will include information relating to the annexation of lands from Sturgeon County and potentially from the City of Edmonton.
  • Economic Development – In 2021, the Business Resiliency Program launched. This grant supports businesses to develop or improve their marketing presence amid the pandemic. Research has also been done regarding the creation of a business incentive strategy; this work carries on into 2022.
  • Building a Transportation Network – Significant milestones were reached in 2021 for the Ray Gibbon Drive Twinning Project. Phase One is complete and Phase Two is approximately 40 per cent complete. Traffic Bylaw speed changes related to the Transportation Safety Plan were introduced in 2021. Adaptive signal technologies continue to be applied via the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) strategy. To improve traffic flow, adaptive signal technologies has been applied to several areas throughout the City (I.e., St. Albert Trail).
  • Infrastructure Investment – Needs assessment and concept planning work have begun for the community amenities site. Fire Hall #4 preparations continue, and a land transfer agreement was signed and executed in 2021. When identifying opportunities for long-term revenue generation infrastructure, a Solar Farm was proposed. A feasibility study was completed for this in 2021, and the City is moving forward with design.
  • Housing and Social Well-being – The City’s MDP identifies growth scenarios and includes intensification targets. Opportunities for new land use districts to enable mixed-use opportunities within key locations in mature neighbourhoods are outlined in the plan. Work has started on planning Youth Transitional Housing and general housing support for vulnerable people.
  • Environmental Stewardship – From May to August, the Waste Education Program took place. This program supports the development of waste reduction strategies. The Green Environment Strategy also made considerable progress in 2021.
  • Community Recovery Post COVID-19 – The COVID-19 Recovery Task Force conducted stakeholder engagement regarding recovery ideas and the final report was completed and presented to Council in August.

The City continues to provide residents with high-quality, cost-effective and sustainable programs and services that are developed in alignment with Council’s priorities for the community. For full details on progress that was made in 2021, view the 2021 Annual Report

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