Published on August 11, 2021

Rec and Parks 2019/2020 Report Card

Each year, the City of St. Albert publishes a Recreation and Parks Report Card to update residents on the priorities set out in the Recreation Master Plan (RMP). St. Albert is an active community, and the Recreation Master Plan provides long-range vision for recreation in St. Albert. 

Below are some highlights from the 2019/2020 Recreation and Parks Report Card.

Many new parks were completed, including Joyal Park, Coal Mine Park and Lachance Park, offering residents the opportunity to explore traditional elements like outdoor playgrounds, sports fields and green space as well as new elements, like a pollinator garden and a bike skills area.

Akinsdale Arena was renamed the Jarome Iginla Arena in 2019, honouring a local hockey player who began his career in St. Albert. The renaming ceremony was attended by 700 residents and media.

The COVID-19 pandemic introduced challenges but also opportunities for change to service delivery and operations. Traffic flows were set up in facilities to provide safer, physically distanced experiences to users and new standards for cleaning and service delivery were altered to align with province public health measures. 

The pandemic also provided new ways to use technology, such as:

  • Livestreaming hockey games in City arenas as an alternative for spectators to view games from home. 
  • Community groups were offered an introductory workshop on social media, allowing them to learn how to promote their programs and services online. 
  • Drop-in and registered fitness classes moved to a virtual format at the end of 2020. 

The Woodlands Skatepark was replaced with a new and enhanced skate experience in the same location. After extensive public engagement, this updated skate park was built to meet the needs of the community today and into the future by providing improved terrain and features that will cater to users of all ages and skill levels.

Events continued as usual through 2019 with over 90 events supported. In 2020, events were heavily impacted by public gathering restrictions. However, 23 events still took place, including a virtual Canada Day celebration in collaboration with municipalities around the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

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Last edited: August 11, 2021