Published on August 31, 2021

Recovery Task Force’s Final Report Goes to Council

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the world in immeasurable ways. Across the globe, the fallout from this crisis has been felt by everyone. No matter who you are or where you come from, it’s safe to say that the last 18 months have changed your way of life. For some, that change has been greater than for others, but here in St. Albert our community has been challenged and our resiliency has been tested as we’ve faced rapid change and disruption to our way of life, both socially and economically. 

In response to the crisis, St. Albert’s City Council approved the formation of the COVID-19 Recovery Task Force, an advisory board whose role would be to build recommendations for St. Albert on how best to recover from the ongoing community and business impacts of the pandemic.  Throughout the crisis, the Task Force has met regularly, engaged stakeholders from the community, not-for-profits and businesses alike, to gain insight on how Council and the community can recover from the impacts of COVID-19. 

On August 30, members of the Recovery Task Force presented their Final Report to Council. Complete with recommended strategies and specific initiatives to support the desired future outcomes, the report outlines the Task Force’s recommendations on how St. Albert can “build back better” from the impacts we’ve all felt throughout the last year and a half.

The recommendations made by the Task Force are intended to support three main groups in St. Albert: businesses, community and residents. The desired outcomes that are identified, and the recommended strategies to achieve these outcomes, fall into the following four categories: 

  1. Accessible programs and services.
  2. Accelerated growth, investment and financial diversification.
  3. Social profit and business resiliency.
  4. Community connectedness, vibrancy, pride and sense of belonging.

The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic will be felt for years to come. Sustained recovery depends on a collective effort where community, businesses and residents come together as partners to support one another and work together. The City of St. Albert gratefully thanks the members of the Recovery Task Force for their time, expertise, and leadership, as well as their ongoing commitment to our city.

For more information and to read the Final Report, visit the Recovery Task Force page.

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Last edited: September 1, 2021