Published on January 28, 2020

Regional Transit Services Update

The thirteen municipalities of the Edmonton Metropolitan region have been examining the possibility of delivering integrated transit services, through a potential Regional Transit Service Commission (RTSC). On Wednesday, January 22, they released their report: Accelerating Transit in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region: Building a Regional Transit Services Commission.” The purpose of the report is to articulate how the RTSC would conceptually operate and deliver services in the region.

The City of Edmonton and City of St. Albert held a joint media event to release the report, which is now available on the Regional Transit Services Commission page. 

The aim of the RTSC is to improve mobility options and the movement of people across our growing region. The report highlights that uniting transit services across regional boundaries will allow for a more efficient and cost-effective transit service, while making it easier for everyone to access all the region has to offer, regardless of what community it is in. 

What does this mean for St. Albert?

The RTSC report identifies an anticipated regional savings of $3.4 Million per year, starting in 2026, which includes new intermunicipal transit routes, including buses between St. Albert and Morinville that do not currently exist. The RTSC, if approved, would not be operational until 2022.

In February and March each City Council of the municipalities involved will determine whether to participate in a formal request to the Government of Alberta to create a Regional Transit Commission.

There will be a public presentation on the RTSC at the St. Albert City Council meeting on February 3, 2020. Stay tuned for another update in March. 

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Last edited: January 28, 2020