Published on June 29, 2021

Social Master Plan Report Card

Recently, the City of St. Albert revised how departments report on their annual work in a clear and concise manner, so that it can be easily aligned with their long-term plans. The goal of these reports is to communicate the impact and achievements of departments to stakeholders in the community and beyond.

Community and Social Development (CSD), a branch of the Community Services department, has long been known for their thorough Social Master Plan reporting that informs their progress towards five specific values that residents have identified as being important: sense of community and connectedness; diversity and inclusion; social responsibility; healthy lifestyle and well-being; and capacity building and engagement.

Please read below for highlights of the past year’s accomplishments. View the full Report Card.

  • The work of CSD staff throughout 2020 was focused on responding to the emerging social issues that were amplified by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of the programs and supports that are traditionally offered through their work required modification and adaptation to remain safe and in line with Provincial Public Health Measures, while still providing necessary access to their clients.
  • A major focus was ensuring residents of St. Albert continued to have access to mental health information, supports and resources as well as connecting those who required support with open services that could help. Additionally, ensuring residents had access to basic needs like food, shelter, transportation and medication continued to be a priority which was achieved through continued and additional supports offered by St. Albert’s Community Village and Food Bank.
  • CSD staff continued to support local Family & Community Support Services-funded agencies and community organizations by working together to address service delivery impacts because of the continuously changing service delivery environment. Another critical aspect coordinated by CSD was identifying funding opportunities that were available to support organizations in their response to community impacts of COVID-19. While doing so, CSD continued to track issues and trends within the community and determine, monitor, identify and respond to needs from both an internal and external perspective.

The 2020 Social Master Plan report card illustrates the ongoing dedication, passion and resilience of community partners, residents and volunteers who have come together to support each other during COVID-19. The collective efforts of many continue to help build a connected, caring, inclusive and safe community.

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Last edited: July 2, 2021