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City of St.Albert
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Snow Day

Remember when those two words meant no school, no work, no going anywhere because it snowed so much that everything would grind to a halt? As kids, we thought it was great to stay home and play in the mounds of snow, but for everyone else a heavy snowfall caused consternation.

Living in a winter city poses its fun and challenges. The City of St. Albert and other municipalities in the northern hemisphere have long since figured out how to clear the inevitable snow drop that always comes. Things need to keep moving after all. Children need to go to school (sorry kids!), traffic needs to flow and businesses need to stay open.

Here in St. Albert, there is a snow clearing preparedness plan in place. That plan was put into action in January when Snow Day came! A mere 24 hours is all it took for winter to settle in over St. Albert. City Public Works road clearing crews were put into action managing the snow and ice to the standards and priorities laid out in the Snow and Ice Control policies. Crews worked hard to provide residents with roads, sidewalks and parking lots that would be as safe and accessible as possible.

The City sees proper snow clearing as an ongoing priority every winter, but this year was exceptional with the rare weather event that hit the city. In just one day, we saw as much snow as would normally fall over the whole month of January. St. Albert is committed to being prepared every year for the snow to come. We pride ourselves on being a resilient and active winter community. A little snow won’t get us down!

*Fun fact: World Snow Day was celebrated January 21, 2018, just four days before St. Albert’s unofficial “Snow Day.”

Last edited: February 14, 2018

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