Published on February 9, 2021

It’s Snow Laughing Matter

The snow may not have been flying when winter officially arrived, but now that it’s starting to fall again, our crews are back out clearing the public streets. The City’s team of plows make every effort to safely remove the snow as fast as possible. 

The City of St. Albert will hit the high priority streets after 2 to 5 cm of snow accumulates. The City clears snow on a priority basis. View the Snow Clearing Priority PDF

2 to 5 cm of snow

illustration of a city

When will my community roads be cleared?

  • Residential snow removal normally occurs after 6 – 9 cm of snowpack has accumulated in the driving lanes and is normally completed within 10 days. 
  • Stockpiles of snow in cul de sacs are removed as resources allow.
  • Snowpack after March 7 will only be plowed and left to melt with no formal clearing.

How does the City help with traction?

  • Streets are sanded with the same priority schedule as plowing. Hills, curves and intersections are given special treatment. The City continues to monitor streets to determine where sand is needed.
  • In the event of freezing rain, streets are sanded and continually monitored. Please drive slowly and with care in these conditions.

See how crews keep roads safe and clear in the wintertime

For more information visit the Snow & Ice Control page

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Last edited: February 10, 2021